Communist Chinese Mothers Push Crypto Investing Online as They Work in Democratic Countries

Jim Musgrave
2 min readNov 20, 2021

Instead of whining about all the “drug peddlers, prostitutes, and gangsters” coming in waves across our borders, why doesn’t the government do something about all the Chinese peddlers of cryptocurrencies and data mining “investments”?

These are mostly women with kids, living alone, who get “working visas” to stay in liberal countries and do their dirty deeds. They’re permitted, I believe, because the government leaders make money from it, as most of the money-laundering, uncontrolled off-shore banking schemes hiding money of these rich leaders goes on all the time. I have personally been “harvested” by two of these women on Facebook and WhatsApp alone.

Now that I see how China can “ban crypto investing” at home to look like the “good guy,” they can still make a ton of money through these worker pawns, who are allowed inside our democratic countries. Trump escalated this “easy visa” process, and Biden has done nothing to stop it thus far. North Korea works this way also with their cadres of international “workers.”

China, as you can see in this article’s chart published at Cambridge University, is the most polluting country, using uncontrolled technologies such as coal mines and other ancient energy sources to destroy our planet.

If/when there’s a next major war, it will be a class war, as the leaders (including judges, as in the recent Rittenhouse case) are primed to protect the “patriots” against any and all demonstrators who do understand the environmental impact of such corrupt “investing” by the rich leaders, and will rebel or lose their futures (literally) to our plotting government leaders for whom war is also a big profit-making deal.

So, why don’t we begin to recognize how corrupt these folks are, and the real reason why the poor are moving around the world is because of this corruption at high levels in governments? Places like Haiti are merely small microcosms of much bigger and more corrupt countries who are still functioning very well, thank you! Until war or our environment implodes, that is.



Jim Musgrave

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